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Sound :

High quality sound, with very talented operators working on big shows and tv production houses. Utilisation of right talent colabration of work experiences in creating a successful event. Brands like Ohm, Boss, Jbl, Pioneer, Rcf etc.

Water Projection :

For an imposing and unforgettable event, Aquatic show has created the Aqua vision system; a water curtain with an unequalled quality today. With water projection, your event comes to a new dimension! This new patented technology offers a surface of projection for pictures, film, video or laser of an extraordinary quality. To promote your company or to mark a particular event, in the frame of a fair or a show, the most important characteristic of the water projection system is that it is in harmony with all type of events, which will make them unforgettable.

Fire Works :

Watching a fireworks display is an amazing feast for the eyes and often a sight to behold. Confetti blast, pyros blast, Niagra falls, Jerbs etc.

Permissions & Licenses :

Licenses and permission require running the event, also permission for using rights for songs of various sound companies, etc.

Fog Screen:  A fog screen or vapor display is a system that uses haze machines or water vapor to create a semi-transparent wall  or curtain. This screen is luminated later with lights and graphics. Images of particular product or photographs can be displayed on it with the help of projector of various luminous.

This technology is now quite appreciated in wedding and corporate events.

Lights :

Lights are one of the most important factor of an event. Lighting the event with right set of lights turns into grand event. There are nos. of lights used for an event, various events requires different lightings so as to meet its need.( normal lights, intelligent lights & laser show, laser board) etc.

Video  & Photography :

Single and multi-camera set up. 

Venue Bookings :

Booking of venues required for various events in lesser price, which results in saving few amount of client and also saving their precious time.


Expectation of audience has grown too high, every event has different audiences whose taste varies too from each other, so getting the right d.j to play in the event can only get the audience on the dance floor and result into a successful event. 

Karaoke Set Up :

Decor & Unique Stage :

Led Screens:


Interactive Floor :

3D Mapping :

3D Laser Show :

Graphic Dance Floor :


Led Screens


Other Aspects

Water Projection

Interactive Floor

Fog screen

3D Mapping & Laser Show


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